INMED ASE in capable hands

INMED ASE Farm Manager Living His Passion for the Land

For Kararegra Mashava, Farm Manager of the first INMED Aquaponics® Social Enterprise (INMED ASE) in South Africa, the charm of agriculture lies in working with living organisms. “They teach you something new every day,” he says.

The INMED ASE in Vanderbijlpark houses commercial aquaponics systems that will be used for food production and training. It will also serve as a consolidation centre for the growing number of aquaponics farmers to sell their harvests at higher market rates, as well as purchase seedlings, fingerlings and other inputs at bulk prices. Ultimately, the INMED ASE will serve as a powerful catalyst in transitioning historically disadvantaged populations, including people with disabilities, women and youth, from subsistence to commercial agricultural production using climate-smart aquaponics.… Read the rest...

Aquaponics Social Enterprise launched as critical need for food production grows

INMED Partnerships for Children, a global humanitarian development organisation, has announced the launch of its first INMED Aquaponics® Social Enterprise (INMED ASE) in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened awareness of the critical need for local food production that can be adapted to local conditions,” says Dr. Linda Pfeiffer, founder and CEO of INMED Partnerships for Children.

Aquaponics is an intensive form of agriculture, combining hydroponics and fish farming in a closed symbiotic system that produces at least ten times more crops than traditional farming using a tenth of the water, with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, makes that possible – even where scarce water, soil and space conditions exist.… Read the rest...