Building an Aquaponics System

Watch these 5th-grade students build a 6-bed/3 fish tank aquaponics system for the Sister Anneta de Jesús school in the Ucayali region of Peru. Nearly 250 children are working with their teachers, who are receiving technical training and assistance from INMED Andes, on this 5-year project to improve food security and income generation for their school. The chemical-free produce and fish grown in the system will be incorporated into their school meals, while excess crops will be sold to help the school fund its programs. The teachers are using the aquaponics system as a teaching tool for researching topics related to nutrition, health, environmental protection and the propagation of Amazonian fish. Parents are participating in the project as well, assisting with regular cleaning campaigns and attending workshops on nutrition, hygiene and disease prevention.

INMED Aquaponics is just one way we’re improving the health, nutrition and economic opportunities for children and their families around the world.

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