Artful Gardens in Brazil

teachers-with-scare-crows-in-brazilINMED Brasil recently delivered a highly successful training program for teachers at Health in Action schools in São Bernardo do Campo, with support from the Mondelēz International Foundation and local government agencies

The training highlighted fun and engaging activities to get students excited about nutrition and health via school gardens. Educators from the School of Basic Education in Belmiro Soares da Cunha presented art projects based on the theme of protecting the school garden. Students in grades 3-5, for example, made scarecrows to watch over their vegetables. The art project raised awareness among students and parents alike. “The whole school was involved, with parents participating by sending clothes and props for us to use,” said art director Lilian Cristina Casagrande Morassi. The children were eager to spend time in the garden, and the lessons were enthusiastically received.

For teacher Zuleika Maria Mendonça, the school garden brought back memories of childhood and a desire to improve her own nutrition and that of her students. “The school’s garden has become a real treasure,” she said. “Each class has a responsibility and I manage it. All the beds have been well watered and free of weeds. We have harvested lettuce, carrots, endive, beets, cabbage, herbs and cabbage, which most of the students had never eaten. The children have tried everything that was planted and even went into the kitchen to prepare food harvested in the garden. Everyone has learned valuable lessons from our garden.”