Aquaponics in Peru

Our aquaponics system at the Bilingue Institute of Yarinacocha in Peru just produced a bumper crop of celery, so our team at INMED Andes organized a pop-up farmer’s market to sell this versatile vegetable for the school. Chocked full of vitamins and minerals, the humble celery offers numerous options for tickling your palate—from root to leaf:

1. Juice it to add a bright, vibrant flavor to a cucumber, kale and apple cocktail.

2. Pickle it for a crunchy addition to an antipasti platter.

3. Create a relish of chopped celery with blue cheese, herbs and olive oil or make a celery leaf pesto for a zesty complement to grilled or roasted chicken.

4. Braise it in tomato sauce or chicken stock and spoon it over polenta or couscous. 5. Puree cooked celery root as a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes.