Aquaponics Farming Facts

Did you know that aquaponics farming

  • Produces at least 10 times more crops in the same amount of space as traditional agriculture;
  • Consumes approximately 75% less energy than mechanized agriculture;
  • Uses 80-95% less water than traditional farming methods;
  • Produces its own nutrient-rich water as fertilizer and does not utilize any chemical pesticides;
  • Requires substantially less labor than required by almost all other food production methods;
  • Promotes strategies for adaptation to climate change and natural resource conservation?

In Jamaica, we’re using aquaponics to provide income generation opportunities and food security for small farmers, women and youth, thanks to these generous partners:  @CaribbeanDevelopmentBank @micafjamaica @radajamaica and @wedoagriculture. Learn more about our Increasing Climate-Smart Agriculture at https://inmedcaribbean.