Community Health Worker Training

Brazil Peru

Location: Brazil and Peru

Community health workers are vital to multiplying the impact of the education INMED delivers through our own community-based health and nutrition programs.

Through the Healthy Children, Healthy Futures program in Brazil, we involve community health workers and family teams in each local training session, enabling them to share the vital health and nutrition education information that the program provides. Through our trainings, they learn about topics not included in the standard range of health issues for these local workers, enabling them to convey critical education information to their colleagues and the families they serve, multiplying our impact.

Through our Healthier Communities for Rio program, INMED is bringing health care services and information to families in Salgueiro, an urban slum within Rio de Janeiro where poverty is high and health conditions are poor. With a grant from GE and with the help of INMED and GE employee volunteers, 80 community members recently received free exams, blood tests, and medical advice at a recent community event. Click here to learn more.

Through the Healthy Babies program in Peru, community health workers are learning to address topics such as promoting responsible sexual practices among adolescents, community-based health monitoring, and working with indigenous populations. In particular, INMED is working with the U.N. Population Fund to reach indigenous youth and families in their native languages to integrate modern life-saving healthcare with traditional practices and beliefs.