INMED’s maternity waiting home

It will not be a silent night for this mother in Peru as she enters a complicated labor and delivery. Fortunately, she has the resources of INMED Peru’s trained community health workers and the comforts of INMED’s maternity waiting home, where she may reside with her family until it’s time for her to give birth in the safety of a nearby medical facility.

With the support of Johnson & Johnson and regional health agencies, INMED has trained hundreds of community health workers (CHWs) to work with women at its maternity waiting homes and throughout remote communities to promote healthy pregnancies, safe births and well-baby care. Even more critical, CHWs are trained to recognize danger signs that put the lives of mothers and infants at imminent risk and to know what actions to take in an emergency.

INMED supports 4 maternity waiting houses in the Ucayali region and 3 houses in the Puno region, which have high rates of maternal death from complications during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. To learn more about INMED’s maternity waiting homes, visit

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