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Participants of the perinatal home visiting program receive one-on-one visits from an extensively trained, bilingual home visitor, who provides guidance and education on topics such as maternal and child health, child development and positive parenting, to name but a few.

The home visitor also links families to other health, social and educational resources in the community.

INMED’s MotherNet L.A. program has made a significant impact on the health and well-being of populations hard to reach through traditional channels, and in helping at-risk children and families maximize their potential for success—despite the challenges of their environment.

In addition to our signature MotherNet L.A. perinatal home visiting program, INMED also plays a role in the South Los Angeles Best Babies Collaborative, a group of local medical and social service providers working to promote healthier pregnancies, birth outcomes and interconception care in high-risk communities. Through this collaborative group, we provide home visits, case management and center-based education to pregnant and parenting adolescents at highest risk for poor birth outcomes, including those with diabetes, hypertension or chemical dependency issues.

A former teen mother’s success story.


Particularly in the context of local statistics, INMED’s MotherNet L.A. program has compiled a distinguished record of success by promoting healthy birth outcomes, increasing the use of preventive care, including child well-care and immunizations, and increasing access to health care. For example, among our home visiting participants in 2010-2011:

  • 100% of pregnant women and teens received adequate or better prenatal care from the point of their enrollment. This achievement stand out compared to the rate of women/teens who receive late or no prenatal care in Los Angeles County’s Service Planning Area 6, which encompasses Compton; that rate stands at 11.8%.
  • 100% of children had health coverage and a medical home. This achievement is particularly meaningful given that SPA 6 has among the highest rates countywide of children who have no regular source of health care (10.2%), children who have difficulty accessing medical care (19.9%), and children who are uninsured (9.7%).
  • 100% of children remained up-to-date on their immunizations. This is a notable achievement, given that only 77.9% of children countywide have received the complete series of recommended immunizations. Even though not all children enrolled in the MNLA program are old enough to have completed the full series of vaccines, the comparison of up-to-date completion rates nevertheless highlights our program’s success in this area.
  • 100% of teen mothers avoided rapid repeat births (within 24 months of the first child’s birth). This is an outstanding accomplishment given the fact that nearly one-third of adolescent mothers nationwide will have a repeat birth during their teen years. Locally, SPA 6 has the highest rates countywide of teen births, including a substantial percentage of repeat births.
  • No families had founded reports of child abuse or neglect. This represents a significant success in SPA 6, which has the county’s highest number of child abuse and neglect reports.

A former teen mother’s story of striving and success.