2-day Aquaponics Training Workshop on August 25-26

Kudos to Khumbudzo (KG) Manyaga on his stellar presentation on INMED aquaponics at the World Aquaculture Conference last week. KG is INMED South Africa’s Adaptive Agriculture Program Manager and will be a lead instructor for INMED’s new 2-day Aquaponics Training Workshop on August 25-26 in Johannesburg and September 1-2 in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. INMED Partnerships for Children has installed dozens of commercial and small-scale aquaponic systems in South Africa, Jamaica and Peru to provide year-round, climate change-resilient crop production for families, communities, schools and businesses.  An innovative and highly intensive food production technique, aquaponics combines aquaculture (fish farming) with hydroponics (soilless crop growing) in a closed system that is easily scalable. Benefits include no chemicals or fertilizers, crop production at least 10 times higher than traditionally cultivated plots of equivalent size and up to 90% less water consumption.

This workshop is ideal for small-scale farmers, those who work in the development sectors and government extension officers who want to take the leap into aquaponics. Learn more at https://inmed.org/aquaponics.

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