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Lack of education, peer pressure, inconsistent use of birth control and, in some cases, rape, may lead to teen births and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The result is often an incomplete education, poverty, an unstable family environment and isolation. Additionally, extensive research shows that nearly one in five teenagers who experience a premarital pregnancy will become pregnant again within one year.

INMED’s Adolescent Sexual Health Education program aims to promote positive development in youth who are vulnerable and at risk for teen pregnancies and STDs. An extensively trained adolescent care coordinator mentors the youth, providing them with access to information that will educate and empower them to make positive choices. These choices ultimately affect their sexual health, the incidence of repeat births, healthy relationships and educational and career goals.

By the time participants completes the program, they have been screened for STDs, are able to identify types of contraception and their correct use, and are able to identify how to prevent the transmission of an STD, as well as identify STDs and their treatment.

In addition to one-on-one case management, the program offers a five-session Adolescent Sexual Health course. Taught in partnership with local schools, the course covers self-esteem, negotiation and empowerment, pregnancy prevention and contraception, high-risk sexual behavior, HIV/AIDS, STDs and teen parenthood.