Rescuing Children Since 1986


INMED Partnerships for Children rescues children from the immediate and irreversible harm of disease, hunger, abuse, neglect, violence or instability and prepares them to shape a brighter future for themselves and the next generation. INMED’s vision is to transform the future for generations of children by building continuity of support from infancy to adulthood.

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Cultivating Health in Action in Brazil

Our team at INMED Brasil recently facilitated the planting of several types of vegetables with the children at MS Euzanira school in the municipality of Glory Goitá (EP). At the end of the planting activity, each child was given a seedling of lettuce to plant at home as a way of encouraging gardening and healthier diets among their families.

Conducted by INMED Brasil in partnership with the Mondelēz International Foundation, the activity is part of INMED’s Health in Action program to incorporate nutrition and healthy lifestyle education into school curricula.

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Basics to Healthy Lifestyles

Our clever team at INMED South Africa has created an interactive board game for students in INMED’s Health in Action program to make learning about nutrition and healthy lifestyles more fun and engaging. It’s proving to be a very popular activity in the primary schools served by INMED in the disadvantaged communities of Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. The game was created with the support of Health in Action program sponsor Mondelēz International Foundation.

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Food for Thought

A new book released by the Institute for Food and Development Policy offers some interesting food for thought. Fertile Ground: Scaling Agroecology from the Ground Up explores innovative projects from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe to make a case for adaptive agriculture in the age of climate change. The practice of adaptive agriculture conserves water and other scarce resources while promoting biodiversity and improving livelihoods of millions of small shareholder farmers. For more details, visit

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