Bridging the Gaps for Today, Building Bridges to Self-Reliance for the Future


As we head into the holiday season, families the world over are struggling. But there is light in the darkness.

At INMED Partnerships for Children, we’re celebrating small and large victories in the most desperate situations. Victories achieved by people like wheelchair-bound, 70-year-old Martha Moletsane. With INMED’s support, she formed a farming cooperative of other people with disabilities, who are earning sustainable livelihoods and strengthening their community’s food security with INMED Aquaponics®.

Simple solutions can lead to lifelong resilience. INMED Partnerships for Children and our affiliates around the world are directly bridging the resource gaps for the most vulnerable populations today—and helping them build bridges to self-reliance in the future. During the pandemic, our regional affiliates have been a vital lifeline for essentials like food, hygiene supplies and other resources to survive the coronavirus pandemic—as well as education, training and job opportunities to thrive independently in its aftermath. If our work is something you’d like to support, we invite you to check out our current campaigns.




Brazil: Sustainability for the Amazon, Security for the World

Today, the Amazon is at an urgent tipping point. Shocking levels of poverty, food insecurity and hunger, driven by rampant deforestation — and magnified by the deadly coronavirus pandemic — are threatening the region’s very survival. INMED Partnerships for Children has partnered with the Sustainable Amazon Foundation to implement INMED Aquaponics® in 9 locations in the Amazon to provide indigenous and traditional peoples with a steady supply of fresh produce and fish, strategies for climate change adaptation and sustainable livelihoods, while protecting critical rainforest habitats. CLICK HERE to learn more and support this project.


Jamaica: Food Security and Economic Restoration for Communities Hit Hard by Climate Change

Jamaica’s agricultural sector and local economies have been hit hard by severe climate events, with unemployed food farmers lacking business opportunities, youth discouraged by the prospects offered by traditional farming, and insufficient local production of fresh produce to sustain healthy lifestyles. INMED Aquaponics® is equipping small-scale food producers to grow and sell more food locally, earn sustainable livelihoods and provide economic development opportunities for their communities while adapting to climate change realities. CLICK HERE to learn more and support this project.


Peru: Help Us Restore Food Security for an Indigenous Community in the Amazon

Help us rebuild our INMED Aquaponics® system, which thousands of children and their families rely on for sustenance in the food-insecure indigenous Amazonian community of Yarinacocha, Peru. Fire recently swept through the school campus where our system is located, burning the crops, killing the fish and severely damaging the system’s infrastructure. Hungry children are depending on us. CLICK HERE to learn more and support this project.


South Africa: Donate Seeds for Hungry South African Families to Plant Backyard Gardens

South Africa is plagued by persistent poverty, hunger and unemployment, all of which have been made worse by the recent global economic crisis, steep food and fuel prices and severe climate events. Combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for local food production is urgent. INMED South Africa’s SEEDS FOR LIFE campaign will help 2,500 households plant home gardens. Creating a longer-term, sustainable complement to emergency food aid, your donation will provide free seeds and agricultural training to families facing hunger and food insecurity, plus assistance to ensure that their gardens and families continue to thrive. CLICK HERE to learn more and support this project


USA: Help Us Bridge the Resource Gaps for Families Struggling due to COVID-19 in Virginia

INMED USA’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center helps at-risk children get a healthy start in life and provides them with learning and family support resources to achieve academically and socially. We also work with socioeconomically disadvantaged parents to help them build financially stable, safe and nurturing environments for raising resilient children. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our center has become a community hub for free essentials like food, toilet paper, diapers, hygiene supplies and COVID-19 testing, as well as skills development training and technology resources for children and parents with limited access to our new digital reality. CLICK HERE to learn more and support this project.




During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of children and families who need our help has grown exponentially. And need doesn’t take a holiday. We understand that you may not be in a position to contribute financially, but if INMED’s work is something you’d like to support, there are many ways to help:

  • Become a volunteer
  • Designate INMED Partnerships for Children as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile
  • Select INMED for your workplace giving campaign
    • United Way: # 2795
    • Combined Federal Campaign: # 11875
    • Combined Virginia Campaign: #200401
    • America’s Charities: Write us in!
    • Designate INMED Partnerships for Children in your local campaign.
    • Check with your employer about a donation match
  • Set up a fundraiser on your Facebook page (FacebookTwitter, YouTube)
  • Share our posts on social media

And if you can help financially, please become one of our bridge builders in the community for those who are too often left behind. Thank you!